Weds 15 Jan 2014: On the beach in France with my Dad


Daddy thought it would be nice to watch the sunset on the beach. It’s not really that cold til the sun goes down on the beach where we stayed and also my Scottish Grandma got me some really warm waterproof trousers for Xmas so I’m ready for most things like wet sand or chilly walks.

I also brought along some French biscuits which are a bit like mini jam sandwiches and just the thing for beaches cos they don’t go soggy or anything.


There’s a really big truck that drives up and down the beach – you can see its tracks here – look how big they are compared to Doodle and Huck!

IMG_00001263 IMG_00001268 IMG_00001270

My Dad took some pictures of us playing and the sun and all that…

And then carried me home when I was worn out…


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