Mon 16 Dec 2013: My Auntie Denise @Dendoesdalston got me a JCB building site for Xmas!

I got to open an Xmas present early cos we are going away to France on Thursday and we’re not allowed to pack anything big (says Daddy) – and this box my Auntie Denise brought ’round is pretty big!

wild.151213 4 wild.151213 22 wild.151213 23

wild.151213 25wild.151213 27

As you can see, me and Auntie Denise can pretty much fit in the box.

Inside there were loads and loads of bits, which seemed a bit complicated at first but then Daddy put them all together into an awesome building site, with diggers and a crane and a slide and other cool stuff. The crane is called Charlie and he talks to you – but I like to pretend he goes ‘ne-nah-ne-nah-ne-nah’, cos it’s more fun and it makes everyone take notice of him more.

IMG_00001011 IMG_00001018 IMG_00001020

BTW if anyone is wondering, my outfit in all these pictures is from Lilly and Sid. My mum says their jeans are the best in the world cos they are so easy to put on when you are in a bit of a wriggling mood getting dressed, and they stay on even when you are jumping on the sofa dancing to X Factor.

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