Fri 06 Dec 2013: My super Dave the Dog tableware from @coucoudesigns

So I got home from nursery the other day and there was a huge parcel for me from Kate at Cou Cou Designs.

It was all wrapped nicely with a lovely card and inside was a little dog’s house made from cardboard.

Inside the house was a plate, bowl and cup with Dave the Dog on them! They are very colourful and fun to look at while you are eating. I got stuck in straight away with some yoghurt and a drink…



There was also a lovely story book included, all about how Dave likes to bake cakes. It is ever such a good story – even upside down!

IMG_00000912 IMG_00000919 IMG_00000920

I am going to be friends with Dave the Dog, because – as he likes cakes so much – it means I can ask Mummy for an extra biscuit, because Dave asked for one as well…

IMG_00000945 IMG_00000954

And here’s what Dave told me when he asked…

PS Mummy said to tell everyone that the tableware is very sturdy and you can put it in the dishwasher…

One comment

  1. Hello Wild, So pleased to see that you and Dave Dog are getting on so well. Thanks for a lovely post, and I am very glad you like your new dining set! Kate x

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