Thur 07 Nov 2013: We had fancy pancakes at @ShutterbugLDN

My Dad and Mum and Auntie Zoe took me to a place called Shutterbug in Shoreditch for tea. Zizzi came too cos she is Auntie Zoe’s puppy.

We had posh pancakes which are called crepes. Mine had salted caramel but I also had half of Mummy’s which was pulled pork flavour. Daddy had chorizo flavour and a drink called a Hasselbladdy Mary, which is named after a camera he shoots on. (I think he might have had two actually…)

Auntie Zoe just got back from New York and she brought us some Hershey’s twizzlers which are awesome 🙂

This is me ‘testing’ one…

Auntie Zoe took Zizzi home after she had been staying with us and I think Daddy was going to cry cos he likes Zizzi a lot.


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