Fri 01 Nov: we are dogsitting Zizzi for my Auntie Zoe @zoegriffin cos she’s running the NY marathon


This is Zizzi, she is a very little puppy and she belongs to my Auntie Zoe, who has gone to a place called New York to run in a race with a million gazzilion people.

So we are looking after Zizzi. She is a Chihuahua like Huckle is and she is very small and very soft – if you have that book called ‘That’s Not My Polar Bear’ she is like the bear at the end with the furry belly.


She likes having her belly rubbed too…




Dad says it’s fun having three dogs – but most of all when they are all asleep.


If you want to track Auntie Zoe running on Sunday go to and she is runner number 6927

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