#Win a set of @Tall_Tape from KidsOneStopShop.co.uk and @MumsCoffeeClub

You know when you see your Granny or the old lady two doors up or something and they say ‘Haven’t you grown?’ and in your head (because you are polite) you say ‘of course I’ve grown, I’m a growing boy, silly!’


Well. With this lovely Tall Tape stuff you can prove just how much you have grown by marking your height as you stand against it. It is simple to fix on the wall – even your Mummy and Daddy can figure it out, you just unroll it and stick it with something sticky like blue tack. It goes up to two metres so there’s plenty of room to grow, even for boys who eat their Weetabix like I do.

Tall Tape comes in lots of lovely patterns – I got to try the one with animals on – but five lucky winners could WIN one set worth £9.99 each (plus four marker pens to go with each set, so you can measure the whole family) simply by RT ‘I want to #win one of 5 sets of @Tall_Tape from KidsOneStopShop.co.uk and @MumsCoffeeClub’. Easy Peasy. The five winners will be announced by @MumsCoffeeClub and @Tall_Tape on FRIDAY NOVEMBER 22ND so be sure to follow them on Twitter too.

Mummy says to remind everyone that the judges decision is final and the prize can’t be swapped. Best of luck!


a Rafflecopter giveaway

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