Tues 22 Oct 2013: Me and my @MoccisCoUK slippers


If you have wood or laminate floors in your kitchen like we do then you probably find your socks are a bit skiddy – especially when you are playing Tig with your dogs. But just bare feet is a bit cold in Winter, isn’t it.

I was super excited when these Mocci Slippers arrived. They are made is Sweden and are like a cross between socks and shoes, but super warm and with some fab designs.

All the slippers have names and they also come with some stickers for your school bag and a zip bag to store them in.

Mine are called Bam Boo and they have pandas on them. In this picture Mummy made me tuck them into my pyjamas, which isn’t what I normally do cos it looks silly, but it means you get to see the Moccis better.

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