Mon 21 Oct 2013: My new @lillyandsid top and my rubbish tambourine

The best bit about coming home from my trip to Scotland wasn’t seeing Mummy or Huckle or my toys or my bed, it was my parcel from Lilly and Sid, with my brand new favourite top in it.

Lilly and Sid make clothes for kids which us kids properly like cos the material is always really soft but doesn’t rip if you catch it playing on a tree or whatnot, and the designs are always really cool for in the playground; not like some kids who have silly stuff like ‘future Arsenal player’ on their tops and just have to go to the back of the slide queue in shame.


Anyway, my new best top is the best colour of blue, like clouds or the blue crayon I coloured in the kitchen wall with. It has a raccoon on it whose name is Jo and is a very nice looking raccoon. My Dad says I am like Bert Raccoon from a cartoon he used to watch – which if you have never seen it has quite a good theme song but is otherwise lame.

In our house we have a weird homemade tambourine thing my Dad got from somewhere or other. I usually ignore it but it was raining outside so I thought I’d give it a go…


It doesn’t actually make much of a tune… And it doesn’t taste so good either…


My new pal Jo the raccoon wisely said ‘Give it up, Wild…’

Then it stopped raining and Daddy took us out for lunch. We had pulled pork.



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