Mon 14 Oct 2013: Our trip on the Emirates Airline cable car

It was raining yesterday in London so we couldn’t go to the park or play in the sandpit. So my Dad decided to take us on the Emirates cable car, which is super high and goes across the river Thames on a bit of wire.

IMG_00000611 IMG_00000617

As you can see, you can fly above the whole of London and see things like the Dome and Container City.

My Dad took some pictures out the window too cos he is a photographer


If you go on the cable car and get on at the Excel centre side, we’d just like to say that the lady who works there is a little bit on the grumpy side – she didn’t even want one of my gingerbread men cookies – and she told us we couldn’t go in a cabin on our own (even tho there were loads free) cos the cable car is ‘public transport and you have to take what you are given’. We did go on our own one anyway cos we don’t really listen to grumpy people.

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