Wed 09 Oct 2013: We stayed at The Yoghurt Rooms and I got covered in mud…

My Dad wanted to take our van out for a holiday this weekend, even tho it isn’t Summer anymore.

We went to a place called The Yoghurt Rooms, which sounds like it would be made from Petit Filous but is actually made from mud and straw and grass.


We parked the van in a big field near a wood and Doodle rolled in some fox poo and had to have a bath and a telling off.

I figured it shouldn’t just be the dogs that got to get dirty, so managed to find myself a great big wet patch of mud!

IMG_0997 IMG_5464


It’s not all outside stuff at The Yoghurt Rooms – they have a barn bit which has an aga you can make toast on and a record player you can dance to. My fave thing was the rocking horse they had – if you pulled its ears it made a clip clopping sound (Mummy says don’t try this on a real horse)

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