Sat 28 Sept 2013: We went on a big walk and saw some footballers’ houses and got a Balloonicorn

My Dad is very silly sometimes and this weekend he got us a big balloon in the shape of a unicorn. So it’s a Balloonicorn! The balloonicorn is fun to play with but tricky to hold on to…

IMG_00000532 IMG_00000535 IMG_00000538

We also got the train to a place called Cuffley where there are lots of big houses that footballers live in. They’re not very nice really, they look like you can’t spill Ribena or anything and everyone has a number plate with their name on it instead of naming their car after the letters like we do with our badger car.

We had a big lunch in a place called Northaw in a pub called The Sun which has a big garden the dogs can play in and whitebait on the menu – plus the best bread I have ever had, ever.

I was pretty tired by the time we got home but managed to get on the sofa before Daddy did!


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