Sat 21 Sept 2013: Dad took us to Banners for lunch #crouchend

Banners is a super nice place to go if you are a kid cos not only do they give you a big bucket of toys to play with but they also give you a coconut shell full of jelly beans at the end of your lunch (Mummy said I was allowed to have one, I had three! Result!)

Lots of famous people like Jo Whiley and Simon Pegg eat their lunch in Banners and also they are doing a nice thing supporting Wateraid by asking people to pay 15p for their glass of water, which is good cos it means it helps kids all over the world get a drink of water as well as just me.

They did bring me my drink with a straw in it however… Which took a little while to figure out…

Steady now…


Nearly got it…


Yep – now what?


Oh, you suck it… Yeah sure, I knew that!


Bring on the chicken, rice and peas 🙂

IMG_00000479 IMG_00000480

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