09 Sept 2013: Our awfully big adventure…

As you might have noticed, we’ve been away for a while. We took my Dad’s van to France and went to a lot of awesome places like Paris, Avignon, Toulouse, Chenin, Biarritz and a place Mummy and Daddy call Paradise beach which is actually called Contis and is near Mimizan. As you can imagine, that’s a lot of places for a small boy and two small dogs to have visited!

This is me driving Daddy’s van…


And this is Paradise Beach, photographed by my Dad.

wild.140713 8 wild.140713 21 wild.140713 23

This is me and Doodle having a race in the sand. Doodle loves to swim in the sea – or in any water really; lakes, puddles, rivers – just not so much the bath…

wild.140713 41 wild.140713 43 wild.140713 44 wild.140713 50 wild.140713 53 wild.140713 63

I like swimming in the sea too!

We did a mix of staying in nice hotels and staying in the van on campsites. My best thing about camping is you can be covered in dirt all the time and no one minds cos it is camping and you are outdoors. You are also allowed to eat with your fingers when you are camping (sometimes).


This is a picture of Doodle and Huckle in a place called Ballon, which is a good sounding place for dogs cos it sounds like the French word for ball.


Huckle really liked staying in hotels, cos he is that sort of a dog. This is him watching French TV on our second to last night of holiday.


Dad got me this top as a reminder of France, it’s jolly nice so I think I shall try and keep it free of jam for a few days…


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