Wed 28 April 2013: If anyone is missing me, I am living in France this week…


IMG_00000059 IMG_00000065 IMG_00000068 IMG_00000071 IMG_00000077 IMG_00000097 IMG_00000119 IMG_00000121 IMG_00000123

We’ve been having a lovely time, living on campsites in Daddy’s van and our glamping tent, swimming in the sea and playing with the dogs on the beach. I’ve discovered duck cassoulet, which my Dad makes on the stove – it’s my new favourite food I think.

My Daddy was best man at a wedding one night so me and Mummy stayed up late on the campsite and watched a marathon of Thomas and Friends and ate cookies.

In Biarritz we went to a super posh restaurant and Daddy gave me his credit card to pay…

Another night Huck and I wore ourselves out learning French words and we also checked out these funny French toilet things when we stayed in a hotel near Avignon…


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