Sunday 11 Aug 2013: We went to an actual candy brand launch @ilovelavolio

Me and Daddy are reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory at the moment and we’ve just got to the bit where they are all going round the factory in the boiled sweet boat and looking at amazing things to eat.

So we were super chuffed to go to the launch of this candy company Lavolio – which is apparently sweeties for grown ups but maaaan, they’re good by us kids’ standards too.


Before we even got to the sweets part they had some pretty good canapés. Me and Daddy thought the duck ones were the best. Canapés are fun to eat when you have little hands cos they’re the right size to hold.

Now these sweets are made from good things like fruit and coconut and rose petals, wrapped in chocolate and spun in sugar like sugared almonds are. A clever lady called Lavinia makes up all the flavours and stuff. At the party they had literally hundreds of these sweets all over the place, just like Willy Wonka has.

It was pretty exciting, I can tell you. Even though I was only allowed one (I managed to sneak 2) even the sight and the smell of all those candies in one place was too awesome for words.

Also, they had a fancy pianist at the party who let me have a go on the grand piano and I played with some of the pretty boxes the Lavolio come in. I was worn out from all that fun though…


If you want to get some Lavolio for yourself (or for your Mummy) then you can order from the online store at


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