Tues 06 Aug 2013: Ten days left to learn to eat like a French kid…

Before I was born my Mum and Dad read this book…

It’s all about giving your kids meals at the proper times and eating lots of different foods, not just mush and spaghetti like some kids have.

It’s been pretty good having all sorts of food and going to nice restaurants, but in ten days time I am going to actually live in France for a month and apparently French babies are much better at eating tidier than I am.

I do use my fork and spoon (and sometimes chopsticks) but I also like to use my paws to get more yoghurt out of the pot, and I like to poke holes through the middle of strawberries to get more juice out.

Apparently I need to get better table manners before we leave because ‘on ne joue pas avec la nourriture’ in France.


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