Thurs 01 August: Little ladies, get yourselves some nice knickers from @Itsy_bits

At my nursery we all bring a change of clothes, cos you can get yourself in a mess playing with all the sand and paint and clay – and that’s before you have lunch which might jolly well have gravy or custard on it, and not even grown ups can eat that without spilling it.

But the other day my silly Mummy FORGOT to pack my spare trousers. So there I was playing and next thing I know, there’s no clean shorts for me and instead I have to wear THE SPARE TROUSERS OF SHAME.

Now, I’m not going to say too much cos it was super embarrassing but the spare trousers are for girls and they are bright pink leggings. But I did get myself to thinking that if I was a girl I definitely wouldn’t be wearing stuff like scratchy pink leggings all day long.

If you do happen to be a girl, or a Mummy of a girl you should check out my pals Itsy Bits who make frilly pants like these.

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