Cool Competition: Want to win a super duper combo pack of labels from @NameitLabels ?

If, like me, you’re always misplacing your stuff at school or nursery and your Mummy is always asking where the sweater you had on this morning is or why you have someone else’s socks in your school bag – well, basically, you need some Name It Labels in your life.

Now some label makers just make boring old ones with just letters on, but the Name It Labels people do them in pretty much every colour in the world (even girls’ colours like pink and lilac) and with pictures on too! They make ones you can stick on your stuff, iron on your stuff or sew on (ask your Mummy to do the last two…)

They even make them with dogs on – so if you have dogs like mine who don’t always share their toys, you could get them some to stick on their stuff as well.

Well – even more exciting than getting nice labels is you could actually get some FOR FREE! All you need to do to win a Combo Pack (which has iron on and stick on labels like the one pictured above) is follow @NameitLabels and tweet ‘I want to win a combo pack of labels from @nameitlabels please’ (or something nice like that) and we’ll pick the FIVE winners on 15th July.

Good Luck Everyone (my embarrassing Mum says I could say ‘get stuck in’ – err.. try harder Mummy!)

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