Mon 08 July 2013: We went to see the World’s Biggest Sprinkler in Victoria Park #juicywater

The people at Juicy Water invited us to see their sprinkler, which apparently was the biggest one in the whole world. It was pretty big, but also pretty popular, and not that much fun for us small kids cos all the big kids were hogging all the water.

The thing is though, if you know Victoria park like I do you’ll know there’s also a jolly good water play park in the kids’ playground… There are little streams and jets and stuff – and us small ones can play in there without being knocked over or anyone smoking nearby or something.

Tower Hamlets-20130706-02426

It’s a bit stony so you’ll want your wetsuit on, but lots of fun and good for tiring your Dad out too…

Tower Hamlets-20130706-02427


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