Mon 01 July 2013: After messy play comes tidying up play…

There’s a big buzz about Messy Play at the moment. At my nursery they go all out for paint and glitter and sand and water and stuff.

Personally, all my playing is messy – my favourite games include mixing up the dogs’ water bowl and some dirt from Daddy’s tomato plants and maybe something out of the fridge like an Ella’s Green One or some soup.

I also rate pulling all the books and cds and dvds off their shelves or ripping up the papers. Tipping over the washing basket is good too.

It’s all quality stuff.

But me and Mummy play a game called ‘Tidying Up’ every night. I put all my toys to bed in my toy box and try and put stuff back on the shelves. It’s more fun than it sounds cos I have to fit all my toys in the box or else they’ll be cold at night, and I wouldn’t want my toys to be cold or sad.


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