Weds 26 June 2013: too much neon for one kid, Gwen Stefani

I think Gwen Stefani is a very good pop star and I like most of her songs but I’m just saying from a small boy’s point of view that no kid wants to wear that much neon…

I mean, it’s nice being a little bit bright some days but I think I’d feel a little bit ill if I was head to toe in green like poor Zuma Rossdale is.

However – if you’re gonna go a little bit neon, I do like these little bits and bobs:


Hunter Glow in the Dark wellingtons – splash proof and bright!

J Crew neon hoodie: subtle green and pretty warm looking…

Neon aviators from Molo Kids at Monkey McKoy

If you’re a girl you might want to do your nails neon too like Tallia Storm does…

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