Tues 25 June 2013: We’re excited about our trip to France

We are all going to France in August to a wedding and then to a beach we like. All of us being me, Daddy, Mummy and the dogs (Doodle and Huckle).

We are going in Daddy’s van which is a special kind of van because you can live in it, except for going to the toilet which you have to do somewhere else.


This is a picture of a bit of inside our van.

The main problem is the day we are going to a wedding in Toulouse we need a dog-sitter to look after the dogs. So if anyone lives near there or knows someone who does and they don’t mind a silly scruffy Cairn and an even sillier Chihuahua for the afternoon we’d be ever so grateful and my dogs would most likely behave themselves cos they like meeting new people.


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