Thurs 20 June 2013: We went to Sanctum and The Tanqueray Botanical Gin Garden last night

It was super warm in London last night and Daddy decided to take me to the West End.

I’m not the biggest fan of going on the tube but I do like reading the Evening Standard..


Obviously it’s just as much fun to rip up too…


First we went to a new place which is called the Tanqueray Botanical Gin Garden and is like a garden indoors. I’m not allowed gin but Mummy said yesterday was National Martini Day, so I had water in my tippee cup and pretended.

The manager brought me some super nice bread which was still warm so that means they just baked it.


I did a bit of flirting with those girls you can see behind me. Am quite a dab hand at the old ‘wink and wave’ technique, but my Dad says it’s not very subtle.


Afterwards we went to a place called Sanctum hotel, which also has a garden that isn’t outside (what is it with these weird people who don’t like outside gardens?). My Dad had a drink called a Mojito which smells like toothpaste and the bar lady filled up my tippee cup with proper grown up water from the bar! Best thing was I managed to push my bedtime back a whole hour to 9pm! #Result

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  1. I have been promised a trip to London and even heard mentions of going to see animals at the zoo. But daddy broke his leg and the trip has had to be postponed 😦 it sounds very exciting though 🙂

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