Mon 10 June 2013: The Stone Roses played in our back garden and we found some buttercups

Camden-20130608-02276 Camden-20130608-02279

A band called The Stone Roses (which Mummy and Daddy and lots of their friends like) played in Finsbury park this weekend, which is basically our back garden cos it is next door to our proper garden.

As you can see I had my Stone Roses tshirt on and lots of people came ’round ours to listen to the concert from our garden and also drink beer with Daddy. The Stone Roses have a song called ‘I am the Resurrection’ which everybody in the world knows the words for so it was very loud when they played that one.

On Sunday we took the dogs up to a place called Hampstead Heath and as you can see there are lots of buttercups. Mummy said I should pick one for @LilyFenton1 so I did but I forgot where I put it…

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