Mon 10 June 2013: My new car seat in our new car


Mummy and Daddy got a new car at the weekend, it’s called a Frontera Sport but we call it the Badger Car cos it is black and silver and looks like a badger.

I got a brand new car seat, which is called a Babystart Beway and will last me til I am eleven. I’ll probably have my own car by then, but it’s a nice car seat and Mummy said to tell people it is half price at the moment in Argos.

As you can see, Doodle and Huck have their own space on the back seat as well. They have a special seatbelt to hold them safe (which is handy when Mummy is driving)

My silly parents haven’t worked out how to tune the radio yet, so we have had my Bob the Builder cd on all weekend – result!

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