Thurs 06 June 2013: My MMR jab

Last week I got my injection for MMR at the doctor’s. The nurse was very nice but I must say I did cry cos it was a big needle and it went right in my arm. Afterwards me and Mummy got some cookies from the bakery tho so it was all alright for a bit.

Now if you don’t know, MMR stands for three types of diseases that aren’t good for little boys. One of the M’s is for measles and this week I have a bit of the measles as a result. Well, the rash part anyways.

I was a bit cranky and grumpy last night so Mummy said I could sleep in their bed and have cuddles. Except it’s so much fun in Mummy and Daddy’s bed to see how much room little ole me can take up – my new trick is to lie cross-ways with my arms and legs out like a starfish!

Dad says I’ll probably be better by teatime but I think I can get them to keep fussing me a bit longer.


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