Mon 03 June 2013: We had watermelon and whitebait this weekend (not together)


This weekend I tried some new foods. They were both pretty good. I was naturally suspicious of the watermelon as it is pink and as you know when there’s pink stuff there’s normally some girl lurking wanting to put your hair in bunches or something, but this was completely safe and also really messy to eat – so a double bonus. My Granny said she used to have to eat watermelon in the bath when she was little (but Dad says my Granny is a bit bonkers anyway…)


I also tried some tiny fish called whitebait when Mummy and Daddy took me out for dinner at a place called The Beach Hut. They were so good Daddy had to order me another plateful. Dad says he’ll take me fishing this Summer, I am going to get my own rod and everything.

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