Thurs 30 May 2013: My toothbrush review


I have eight teeth at the front and some coming through at the back so I gotta keep em clean.

I have some nice Colgate kids toothpaste which tastes like strawberry and some minty Aquafresh one – so I mix and match depending if I am in a minty or fruit mood.

The first toothbrush I had wasn’t a brush at all it was this cloth rabbit and you had to get Mum or Dad to clean inside your mouth with its ears. Bleeee. Not fun.

So then I got a proper brush.

Aquafresh Milk Teeth Brush: this brush was an ok shape and easy to hold. The only problem is the choice of colours – basically it is pink and something, so pink and yellow or pink and purple or whatever. Not good if you don’t like pink.

Wisdom Easy Grip Baby Brush: this one is meant to have an easy to grip handle but the problem is that the handle is more fun to chew than the brush is to brush with. So it is fun but doesn’t get much cleaning done.

Tesco Baby Brush: I really liked this one cos it is green and looks like a turtle. The only problem is that my puppy Huckle liked to chew the rubbery handle as well.

Colgate Smiles Toothbrush: this one is super cool. It comes in blue, pink or green so I got the blue one and it is really easy to hold. In fact, sometimes I just carry it ’round with me even when it’s not teeth cleaning time just cos I like holding it.

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