Weds 29 May 2013: Mummy is v cross with my nursery… #asquithnurseries

My nursery is called Asquith Nurseries and it has a slide and a nice lady called Nadia who plays with me all day when I am there.

But Mummy and Daddy are a bit cross with them cos they forgot to give me my milk in the daytime for nearly a whole month.

I am on Aptamil toddler milk now so I just have it at breakfast and supper times, but last month when I was on Follow On Aptamil I was meant to have it at lunchtime too. Only my silly nursery decided I didn’t need to have it and then gave Mummy nearly a full tub back almost two montsh later. Mummy said they were very naughty and we should tell other Mums and Dads to be careful about this.

Here is a picture of the full tub we got given back, as you can see they write the date on that they get it.


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