Tues 28 May 2013: My Belated Birthday Party

As you might remember, on my actual birthday Daddy was away doing a shoot for a magazine called Harper’s and so I had to wait a bit longer to have my birthday party.

So we had it this weekend and first of all on saturday my Uncle Ren who runs Ren’s Kitchen in Brighton came up to bring me a present and also my party cake. I’ll tell you all about my present in another post because it is a super awesome sandpit and takes a lot of telling but here’s a picture of my cake.

Pretty cool, huh?

My party (the next day) had a pirate theme and Mummy ordered an amazing pinata in the shape of a pirate ship from a lady called Mrs Pickles at Party Pickles. She was ever so kind and sent us some extra pirate bits and bobs for free and a lovely letter in a big box. It all arrived in time and Mummy said we should tell people how good it all was in case they want to have a pirate party for themselves.

You can see the pinata and also my pirate scarf (my pal Joel had one too but he took it off) in this picture.

I was ever so lucky and got lots and lots of presents and my Grandma came to visit from Scotland too. I’ll write more about my presents as I play with them all cos some of them are still in the box.

This is me and my friend Ben Hammersley. Ben also brought his dog Edwin to play with Doodle and Huck. Ben is ever so clever and I think he invented the internet or something like that, but he wrote all about it in a book called ’64 Things’

Other cool people who came to my party include Mr Clive Morgan who is the Telegraph’s assistant editor and my super glam Auntie Zoe who goes to parties in nice dresses for her job.

Also my Auntie Denise who brought me some new Converse shoes because my other ones fell to bits from so much wearing. Auntie Denise is from a place called Berlin in another place called Germany and she has a cat called BamBam who bites.

We had pirate food like burgers and sausages for our party tea and all us kids had Ella’s biscuits and carrots and things. We played on my swing and my trampoline and paddling pool and I think everyone had a nice time.

I did anyway…

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