Thurs 23 May 2013: Sleep explained, baby style…

As you know if you read my blog I am a Professional Sleeper and always have been.

I have written in the past about nice things that make my bed super yummy but if you are one of those Mummys or Daddys who are not getting to sleep yourselves then I thought I’d tell it to you straight, from a baby perspective…

I love sleeping, honestly a lot of the time I miss the alarm and we’re late for nursery. But the following rules have to apply for a marathon slumber:

  • I gotta be tired. Mum and Dad let me play in the garden if it’s nice after dinner and Mummy says the fresh air makes me extra tired.
  • My bed’s gotta be snuggly: I have some super soft cashmere blankies and a couple of duvets to choose from, my bed is always the right mix of snuggles for the weather.
  • I gotta have my teddies. And my Mr Rabbit. And my DoggDogg.
  • I gotta have a full tummy: I have a big dinner and some Aptamil Toddler Milk. And of course I do my teeth after.
  • Daddy reads me a story every night. The most boring ones are the best ones for sleeping. Lots of people thing that really good books like ‘Where’s Spot’ or ‘The Highway Rat’ are good at bedtime but no, you want the super long, really boring Beatrix Potter or fairy tales for girls to zonk you out.
  • You need good pyjamas. My best ones are from The White Company and Lilly and Sid. And I have an awesome dressing gown from Boden that Dad says makes me look like Hugh Hefner.
  • You gotta leave me be. Don’t fuss or watch over me, just let me get some kip and I’ll sort myself into slumber. Sure, check on me, tuck me in a bit better if I roll over – but no poking!


One comment

  1. TT won’t go to bed without brushing his teeth – which of course is an absolute must for everyone, little people and parents alike. Once he has his teeth brushed he’s happy to get into bed. But I (mummy) has to make sure he’s all snuggly under his duvet with Doogie (bunny) and a Thomas the Tank Engine book in his cot tidy. 🙂 Here’s for a peaceful night! By the way, I just love those pj’s! 😀

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