Thurs 16 May 2013: Hosting my first soiree in ten days

In ten days time I am hosting a garden party ’round Mummy and Daddy’s house for some of my tiny pals. I think grown ups can come too but only if they eat jelly and don’t moan on and on about bedtime.

I think I might have a pirate theme, cos I’m fond of pirates, but maybe one of my readers has a more fun idea?

My Uncle Rens is catering, so that’s the food all sorted and Daddy says we can blow up the paddling pool if it doesn’t rain.

Pippa Middleton said in her book about parties that everyone should sit on hay bales. That sounds rather fun but I think my dogs would just wee on them. I told Mummy all my friends would rather sit on cushions, ideally with Thomas or Spideman on them.


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