Mon 29 April 2013: My super #granddesigns playhouse

Mummy and Daddy like to watch Grand Designs and all those other programmes about houses. Have you noticed how there is normally a baby as well as the silly people who take a million years to build their house?

Imagine being that baby? How boring. All your Mummy and Daddy do is wait for expensive bricks to come from another country and when they finally DO finish building your house it will be all ‘keep your room clean in case that Kevin McCloud wants to come round again’. Double boring.

What I like is a programme called EXTREME MAKEOVER where they basically don’t mess about with expensive bricks and fancy pants architects – they just get a great big truck, tear down the first house and build another one. In a week! It’s great! Building stuff, knocking stuff down – awesome!

So I decided to build my own playhouse. I didn’t really have a week to spare but I had a few minutes before tea… I’ll probably knock it down later.


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