Sat 27 April 2013: Things I like at bathtime…


The baby crew were chatting about bathtime on twitter yesterday so I thought I’d blog about it. Me and Daddy call it SPLASH TIME – cos I like to see how much water I can get all over Daddy and the bathroom floor.

I like playing with my bath toys too. I have a boat with Fisher Price play people and a frogger that swims and also a Tomy singing beaver – which always makes me laugh.

I like Johnson’s baby softwash – except if they could make it blue and not pink I think more boys would ask their Mummies to buy it. I tried the Johnson’s bubbles but they weren’t very bubbly – much better is Sanex Dermo Kids body wash and bath, which smells nice and fruity, gives loads and loads of bubbles and is good for your skin. In fact, Mummy steals it and uses it too!

I also have a super cool bath towel with a hood that makes me look like a big green frog and a fluffy bathrobe from Boden which is red with blue stars on it.

I mostly have baths in the morning because they wake me up and get me ready for playing so I don’t much like baby lotion cos it’s cold and wet and takes up too much time when there’s worlds to conquer. But I do like Neal’s Yard Baby Balm if I have any dry bits – it smells like coconut ice cream.

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