Thurs 25 April 2013: Bites and Bones at the Bluebird in Chelsea

My Auntie Zoe is super and she goes to lots of parties in shiny dresses. Sometimes she lets me come too, and sometimes – when they are extra specially good – she lets Doodle and Huckle come as well.

The Bluebird in Chelsea was hosting a party for dogs to mingle and get dressed up and eat canapes and stuff like that. It was very posh and there were lots of journalists there waiting to see if the Duchess of Cambridge would attend as she was rumoured to. But I follow @ClarenceHouse on twitter so I knew she was going to the National Portrait Gallery instead to The Art Room – so instead Huckle had to be the star of the night.

This is Huck with Auntie Zoe and me with Mummy.


Doodle got very excited to see all the other dogs at the event and afterwards both dogs got a gift bag from Pets Pyjamas with some treats and shampoo in.

Read all about the other cool stuff The Bluebird is doing for doggies this week here:

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