Tues 23 April 2013: My super amazing birthday yesterday

Daddy is away photographing stuff on a boat this week so he sent me a video to watch whilst having my birthday morning milk.  You probably can’t see all that well but Daddy is showing off doing tricks on a bike in the video. Daddy is very silly sometimes, but it cheered me up a lot to see him.


I didn’t have nursery so me and Mummy went to Build a Bear and made this handsome fellow – it was super and I got to put the stuffing inside him and choose his heart (which smells of chocolate chip cookies!)


After that we hung out at the Grand Hotel for a bit, then came home and I played with my new train which my Auntie Dee got me.


My Great Auntie came round and brought me presents too! So many presents in one day!

This morning I was so tired I slept thru breakfast. Birthdays are the bestest, thanks everyone.

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