Mon 15 April 2013: We went to see the tigers at @ZslLondonZoo


If you live in London like me you’ll know how extra specially warm and sunny it was yesterday…

Now Mummy thought it would be a jolly good idea to go and see the new Tiger Santuary at London Zoo.

Me and Daddy go to the Zoo all the time as we have family membership, we went all through Winter and even in the snow. We are Professional Zoo Goers and Daddy even knows the names of the keepers.

But silly Mummy thought today – the hottest day ever – would be a good day to see the tigers.

So we got there and of course the tigers were all asleep in the sunshine – like you would do too if you were a tiger – so nothing to see.

I did offer one of my Ella’s Kitchen biscuits but Daddy says you mustn’t feed them anything they’re not supposed to have and we didn’t have any meat with us anyways.


But cos me and Daddy are Zoo Professionals we know that the best thing to see – regardless of the weather – are the fishtanks with all the sealife in them.


Dad says when I’m bigger he’ll teach me to surf and we’ll probably see things like this when we go surfing. You should look at the sealife too if you happen to go to London Zoo.

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