Fri 12 April 2013: Moving on to Big Boy Milk @aptaclubUK

My Mum and Dad both work the same so they look after me the same amount. So I’ve had Aptamil since I was born and I think it’s great.

I know lots of people argue about having Mummy milk or having formula, but I think Aptamil is jolly good and my Daddy says he is proud to be an Equal Parent. Also it tastes very nice, has lots of good things in it and I have slept through every night since I was six weeks old so I’m hardly ever grumpy.

So this weekend I am very excited as I am moving on to Aptamil Growing Up Milk. Or Big Boy Milk, as me and Daddy call it.

All the milks in the Aptamil range have bears on the front, which start off lying down and then stand up a little bit each time. As you can see, on Big Boy Milk the bear is completely standing up and ready to take on the world, just like me!


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