Thurs 11 April 2013: Learning about the @LullabyTrust

Something called FSID changed it’s name to The Lullaby Trust yesterday. Mummy says it stands for Foundation for Study of Infant Deaths but I was getting confused with all those letters and thought it was Something to Do with Ickle-ones and I Forgot the rest.

So it’s a good thing there’s now an easy name to remember and you can read all about the good work they do here:

You can also read about how Matilda Mae’s mummy is promoting the trust on her blog here and also about playing stars at home with beads and lights and glitter. Last time I played with glitter (making a house for Lily my lamb) I got it all over everything, including Doodle and we keep finding bits we missed. But you can make a lot of mess when it’s for A GOOD CAUSE.

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