Tues 09 April 2013: The new section on my site

I am ever so lucky really cos lots of Mummy and Daddy’s friends give me things to wear and to play with but I do grow up and sometimes I can only do so much playing in a day.

We really like what Freecycle do but if you look on there you’ll probably see lots of things which aren’t for us babies like crankshafts and knitting needles. So I’ve added a little section on my site which is like Freecycle but just for baby stuff – plus there’s stuff you can have for keeps and stuff you can swap with me.

Of course if you want any of my stuff you’ll need to come to my house in North London but that’s ok if you like dogs and we normally have some biscuits around somewhere for guests. Mummy said if you just want little things we can post them.


If anyone else has grown out of their clothes, is bored of their toys or doesn’t need their baby walker any more and wants to list it on my page just email me or DM me on Twitter – I will put your message up and tweet it and it will basically be a bit like Christmas but all year ’round.

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