Thurs 04 April 2013: Don’t leave me or I’ll cry…

Dad says I have a thing called ‘Separation Anxiety’ at the moment. This means I don’t like being left at nursery.

Mum said maybe we should send Doodle to nursery too but apparently dogs aren’t allowed to come. I’m taking no chances though, this morning I packed my bag with my blankie, my Gruffalo, my extra cuddly jumper and my best dummy – but I’d still rather be in the park with Doodle.



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  1. This happened to me too after Christmas when I went back to nursery. Cuddly jumpers are the best, and Bunny helped me through a couple of bad days too. But now when daddy takes me I run in to see my mates – we hatch plans to cause chaos 😉 So don’t worry! it will get better! *pat on the back bloke style*

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