Sun 31 March 2013: My Easter Egg Hunt

Happy Easter Sunday everyone. Easter is the day you get chocolate eggs if you have been a good boy. Handilly a couple of days before they actually call the day Good Friday so you can remind yourself if you’ve forgotten about being a good boy and hopefully be extra good to make up for it in time for the Easter Bunny to notice. (Girls obviously are good all the time so don’t need to be reminded)


So first of all today we went to the park and played on the swings and in the sandpit.

When we came home Dad said ‘Look in the garden!’


And so me and Doodle looked…


And we found some Ella’s bars, some oranges, a set of gardening tools – and even a hard boiled egg!

IMG-20130331-01815 IMG-20130331-01816

But best of all we found some CHOCOLATE so that my friends officially proves I have been a Good Boy.



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