Weds 27 March 2013: I am ever so proud of Daddy today

My Dad did a VERY NICE THING this week. Me and Daddy and Doodle were walking down an old railway line near our house where lots of people walk their dogs and we found a lonely Jack Russell dog all by himself, with no lead or owner or anything.

Now my Dad is ever so kind and we asked the dog if he knew where his owner was, but he just barked and looked sad.

So Daddy said ‘Come on Dog, let’s take you to the vet and see if you have a barcode like Doodle and Huck do’ – so we did, and Dog didn’t have one.

So the nice vet said they could keep Dog for a bit and Daddy went back and put lots of signs up saying WE FOUND DOG.

But no one came for Dog. Until today Daddy went back the same way with Doodle and someone had written their number on his sign. So we called it and it was an old lady who used to look after Dog and was ever so happy he was OK.

Dog is now back at home with his owner and we all think Daddy is very clever.


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