Weds 27 March 2013: Huckle got a new collar and I got a Lindt Bunny

Huckle got his first collar today – Dad says he’s officially part of our family now cos it says ‘Hucklebuck Hendry’ on his tag (which is what his full name is) – he was very thrilled with having it on so it was hard to get him to keep still for a picture. Huckle, I mean, not Daddy.


Now, if you’re wondering what I’m eating in this photo, I will tell you. It is the smallest, tiniest, ever so little piece of my Lindt bunny (which my Great Auntie brought me) which is all I am allowed to have by the way. But I think I’ll be extra good today and then I ‘spect I’ll charm my way to getting a bit more.

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