Sat 23 March 2013: Way kool stuff from Global Kids Fashion Week

I think it is jolly good that there is a Fashion Week for us kids. Not everyone wants to wear a silly babygrow with ‘Keep Calm and Wipe My Bum’ on it.

Things I thought were kool…

This is called a Hood That Hugs and it was made by Kate Moss. Obviously it is meant for girls but I think it looks like a black furry panther round your neck.

This outfit is from Alex and Alexa – I like it, especially the jacket… And green trousers means you can play in the park or up trees or with green paint without getting annoying green stains.

How super duper awesome are these  kids’ wayfarers from Zoobug ? My Dad has some big ones and he wears them all the time, even when it isn’t sunny cos he says he’s optimistic.

And this top from Wildfox kind of says it all..

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