Thurs 21 March 2013: Brand new stripeys from @LillyandSid

It was super exciting to come home from nursery and find my package from Lilly and Sid. They sent me some amazing stripey bottoms and a matching top with a bird on it.


Now – as you’ll know – Lilly and Sid already make my favourite Spaceman suit and this outfit is just as soft for playing in. My best thing is the cuffs which have L and S on them – which is two more letters than I knew before.

I do like stripey things and I think this new outfit is super. I read somewhere that Harper Beckham only wears a colour called Taupe which is a bit like the colour that puddles are. Which is a shame because she is missing out on all these nice jungle colours.

Dad says the bird looks a bit like some of the animals in the exhibition in his gallery at the moment. If you think Daddy is being silly you could go to Hoxton and have a look for yourself.

My new outfit also gets approval from my dogs Doodle and Huck, who are not always easy to please. In fact, I can also tell any Mummies wanting to buy these for their sons that Lilly and Sid make clothes from really strong material and it is totally dog-proof. Not like my slippers.



  1. what a great blog post Wild! So please you like the outfit and you do look super cool x thanks for sharing.. p.s. we are heading to Hoxton soon, so will drop by daddy’s gallery for some new character inspiration!

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