Weds 20 March 2013: Bedtime Live

There’s a new programme on Channel 4 about Bedtime called Bedtime Live. They show kids going to bed.

If this was a programme about my bedtime it would be super boring, because I am a Professional Sleeper.

I have slept through every night of my life near enough, except about two.

I really like my bed: I have a duvet with boats on it and a bed bumper with London taxis and the London Eye on it. And in my bed I have my DoggDogg, my Wild Thing and also Mr Rabbit.

I also have a magic star from Tomy that plays tunes andhas little stars that go on the ceiling. Lastly I have some lavender sleep balm from a company called Cussons Mum and Me.


So when I stay in other beds like hotel beds or my grandma’s I take all my stuff with me and it’s like being at home.

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