Tues 19 March 2013: Doodle’s birthday cake from @Bakerdays

If like me you have a scruffy dog called Doodle who is nearly two years old you are probbly wondering how to celebrate and what to get for a dog who mostly likes sticks and tennis balls (and has plenty of those already)?

Well the super peope at Bakerdays can make your dog (or anyone in your family) a cake with their picture on and it comes in the post so it’s like an extra surprise.

This cake not only had Doodle’s face on it but also they put a message on and sent it with a card, some balloons, a party blower and two candles for her!


Mummy asked me to point out now that the cakes Bakerdays make are for people not dogs to eat but there were plenty of people at Doodle’s party to eat cake and anyways she had special dog biscuits. But she got the honour of having her own face on it, which did make her day more than a stick would have done.

Now, I’ll just tell you now that as well as a super cake for anyone you know, you also get an extra present for yourself – a drum! Well, it started out as the tin the cake comes in but it did say ‘Just for You’ on the lid, so I thought that was nice, and it does make a splendid drum!


PS Also the cake is very yummy!

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