Mon 18 March 2013: My guest blog for @Brora

The super nice people at Brora asked me to help them celebrate their 20th birthday. 20 seems awfully big for someone to be, doesn’t it?

Well – as well as all the things I wrote on my guest blog post, which you can read here there’s a couple of other things I can tell you about why I like Brora so much.

1) My Daddy has been to Brora the actual place. He went camping on the beach and he promised he’ll take me there one day.

2) When I was born I had to stay in hospital for two nights. In the hospital they didn’t have any blankets – only towels – as if you recall last April when I was born was particularly cold and wet. But Mummy had a scarf from Brora like this one here and that’s what I slept in til they let us go home.

brora blog

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