Thurs 07 March 2013: My Spaceman suit from @lillyandsid

My spaceman suit is my bestest item of clothing. It’s from very nice people called Lily and Sid and you can buy one for yourself here.

Reasons why you should get one:

  1. You can go to space wearing it.
  2. When you get to space you can hide cos it has stars on it so you won’t be spotted.
  3. You can pull the hood over your head when you’re in space and then you get magic powers too.
  4. It’s resistant to space dust and meteor attack and most other dirt associated with playing in space.

If, like me, you have a dog called Doodle who wants a spaceman suit of her own then you’ll have to explain that Lilly and Sid don’t make them for dogs. And then give her a biscuit cos she’ll be sad.

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